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Seniors! Professionals, self-employed, teachers, nurses, fire fighters, policemen and their families: looking for MORE at this time of your life? We offer highly skilled and trained staff…round-the-clock…compassionate caregivers: this is what our home is all about. We enable you to make choices for your life without the daily grind of cooking, cleaning, or loneliness. Our staff is selected for their positive attitude and intent to learn to be the best they can be. They get beginning training of 40 hours and ongoing training in the specialties they enjoy to help residents do what they want to do. See our activities list and our menu plans! Add your own preferences. We are always creating more for you.

Our mission is to provide safe, professional and loving care within a comfortable home environment. The way you want to live now. Our homes are small, 6 or less residents, in a residential neighborhood, in a desirable area close to doctors, hospitals, and airports.

Additionally, we value the importance of communication with families. We guide you every step of the way and stay in touch to ensure you know exactly what’s going on with your loved one at any given time. Our connections and skill can help you in many ways incuding financial and medical.

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We Do for You

Healthy, Active and Creative are the standards we maintain. Fresh, healthy food for a variety of dietary desires, and activities throughout the day based on resident interests. We aim to create a vision of beauty and joy every day for all. Our beautiful home has spacious, comfortable rooms that can accommodate a variety of needs. Every room has a bathroom. Our home operates with three shifts including awake staff who can assist whenever needed. Our outdoor spaces include a back deck with a full ocean view of Monterey bay from Monterey to Santa Cruz. Every inspiring. The front patio is a cosy space sheltered from the ocean breezes encouraging the fresh air full of ions for healthy lungs.

So, whether it’s you, planning to enjoy this time of your life, a family planning for a parent, spouse or other loved one who needs assistance on a daily basis, we can help. From the beautiful ocean view to the healthy food on the table, from time to get up to medication assistance, this is your small, neighborhood home. We enjoy giving the most companionable and professional care possible! Our monthly fee is all inclusive except for medications. Plan on a joy filled day, every day here. Created by Administrator Noreen Towers, whose experience includes education, retail manager, and real estate broker. On behalf of Manager Jovonda and staff Gina, Grace, Jasmine, Lucy and CJ, we are ready to welcome you to the very best time of your life.

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We welcome you to ask questions and take a tour of our home. Contact us at
(831) 320-9916 today.

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